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Study Time Guidelines for Home Schooling Students in South Africa

One of the hardest things about being a student isn’t necessarily the actual work we’ll be doing, but rather finding the time to DO that work. We all lead busy lives, we procrastinate, and there’s always something we’d rather be watching on Netflix than doing homework. One of the best ways to make sure we’ve got the time to study is to create a study timetable. Before you cringe at the term, check out the 3 steps below for making a study timetable that you will actually stick to.

5 tips to make the perfect study plan

  1. Print out a template
    We recommend you make a new study plan for each week ahead. You can download a free study plan here, print it and then write in your tasks.
  2. Start with the things you must do
    Fill in all the things you have to do for the week (for example, football training, piano lesson etc). This way you won’t feel stressed that you should be studying when you are doing these activities because you have planned for them well in advance.
  3. Write down particular tasks where possible
    Instead of writing down just a subject’s name try to be more specific and give yourself a more defined task (for example, “Do exam questions on Trigonometry” is better than just “Maths”).
  4. Avoid getting stressed if you don’t get everything done
    With teachers piling on more and more homework it’s inevitable that you will not always be able to stick to your plan. It’s a good idea to leave a few slots free later in the week so that you can use that time to catch up on tasks you missed earlier in the week.
  5. Stay focused by practicing past exam questions
    It’s very common for you to lose focus and get the feeling that nothing is going in. One of the best ways to stay focused is to do active learning by trying some past exam questions after you have completed any topic. A Studyclix PLUS+ or PREMIUM account makes this easy by allowing you to print all past questions by topic with the marking schemes. In fact, 95% of students who used it last year said it helped improve their grades.

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Good luck with the new year and let us know if you have any questions!