Many parents have the same concerns! In fact, that is a very common reason why many parents don’t even look at homeschooling as a promising educational choice in South Africa. I’m here to tell you that it is still very possible to allow your children to participate in sports and still homeschool. There are a number of things you can do in order to have your children participate in Sports.

Play Sports for a Public School System: Contact local schools in your area and find out if they gave any programs available for home schooled students. Contacting you local governmental, educational district can also provide some guidance.

Play Sports for a Private School: Each year, there are many small, private schools who are in dire need of more players so that they can still compete with other schools’ sports teams. That is the case with the school my son plays rugby / football for. They always have a small team. Some years they don’t even have enough people to have a team, so when the homeschool community joins in, they’re more than happy to accommodate. Living in a rural community, we’re super blessed to have a small Christian school nearby that he can participate with. My daughter hopes to play Volleyball with them this year!

Play Sports for a Homeschool Team: Many of the larger suburban area Homeschool Associations have enough homeschoolers in the metro area that they can have their own teams. They go around playing local public and private schools. If you’re in a large city, check with your state and city homeschool organizations to see if there are any homeschool sports teams already set up.

Form Your Own Homeschool Team: Even if you’re not living in a city, you could still possibly put together your own small team if you have enough homeschoolers in your area. You may have to get creative on who you play and how you structure it. In our area, we tried to have a family baseball team where all ages (including parents) could play on a team together. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough interest for this team to last, but it could definitely work in other areas.

Play Sports For City Teams: Many City Recreation parks coordinate sporting events for all ages. This is a good way to test the waters to see if your child is interested in pursuing athletic competition further. They have everything from soccer, tennis, gymnastics, running, ballet and more.