Quick Study Tips for Grades 4 – 7 Home Schooling

Once you have familiarised yourself with the portal, you will arrive at topic 1/unit 1/week 1 of a subject. The study guide will indicate in most cases a time to be allocated to the topic/unit/week.

  • The next step is to refer to the pages of your WORKBOOK indicated in the study guide on the portal.
  • Complete the first topic/unit/week physically with a pen into an exercise book per subject.
  • During or after the completion of the activities, you can go back to the portal and watch the relevant videos on the topic.
  • When you want to move on, you simply go back to the Study Guide on the portal and SCROLL DOWN to the next topic/unit/week.
  • Remember, you will keep these exercise books as your portfolio and we advise that you file them away once completed at the end of the year.