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Our aim is to be the ‘First-Choice Supplier’ of Home Education Products and Services to South African home-schooling families.

We have provided in this document a comprehensive overview of Home-Schooling in SA, and Syllabis Home Education, enabling you to make an informed decision. Before you proceed please clear your mind of everything you have heard or read about home-schooling up to now. Syllabis Home-Schooling WORKS!


The Syllabis Core Curriculum for Grade RR to 12 consists of a fully integrated, blended, day-to-day, scheduled curriculum which allows the learners to ‘study at their own pace’, and to allow them to be fully aware of the requirements which are set out in learning system which leads to maturity in learning. Our curriculum, which is fully CAPS based, has been developed by leading South African educators and is continuously maintained and improved upon.

Syllabis Learning was granted a Concession by SACAI/UMALUSI to establish an NSC Examination Centre in Sunninghill, Gauteng during 2018. Candidates who write and pass the NSC examination in Grade 12 are issued National Senior Certificates by Umalusi (Department of Education), the Quality Council responsible for the sub-framework General and Further Education and Training of the National Qualification Framework (NQF). Candidates that meet the relevant requirements are accepted by South African tertiary institutions for further study.  https://www.sacai.org.za/about-us/

Syllabis Interactive Lessons and Resources enable the parent/teacher/tutor to guide the student through the required materials in a systematic, professional and efficient manner, which results in the building of solid foundations on which future studies will be based.

Syllabis Learning Materials are delivered via a range of traditional full-colour learners’ textbooks, teacher guides (e-books optional), interactive lessons and ongoing assessments from our world-class subject study guides and online learning portal.

Syllabis Interactive Subject Study Guides are used to assist Learners with independent learning and self-study per subject.

In the interactive study guide work is broken down in daily work schedule. For grade R–7 the study guide is aimed at the parent/teacher/tutor to equip him or her to master the subject content and explain it in a comprehendible way.

For Grade 8 – 9 it focusses on both the parent/teacher/tutor and the learners, but for grade 10 -12 the study guides are focused on the learners only. Interactive Subject Study Guides for Grade R-6 is currently available and grade 7-12 are in progress and expected to be released during 2019. For existing Home-Schoolers, or Home-Schoolers to be, we have attached a selection of complimentary interactive lessons for you to have an insight into our product offering.  


In-home, In-centre and Skype Tutoring. We have a network in excess of 5 000 teachers/tutors countrywide using our custom developed online management system. Our teachers and tutors go to your home or office to do one-on-one tutoring. Affordable tutoring packages are available at Syllabis Learning Centres for all subjects where there is a centre located near you.

Teachers/Tutors are either educators or university students in their 2nd year or above and have excelled in the subject in which they tutor. All our tutors are screened for academic excellence. Teacher/Tutor prices are set by the Teacher/Tutor when applying for the position. Parents must register online when requiring this service. Visit Site

Self-Assessment – Grade 1-4. The Self-assessment method comes in the form of June-August and October-December exams. Approved Parents/Tutors/Invigilators are provided with the answer keys required to complete the assessment. A report is issued.

External Assessment – Grade 5-9. External assessment is arranged with your dedicated educational consultant. This comes in the form of two annual examinations written under Parental/Teacher/Tutor/Invigilator supervision. A report is issued.

Grade 10 – 12 Assessments. Grade 10 & 11 Mid-Year exams may be written at the home-schoolers home under parent/tutor/invigilator supervision, but the year-end exam has to be written under strict invigilator supervision at a SACAI approved centre.  Grade 12 mid-year, preliminary, and final exams must be written under strict invigilator supervision at a SACAI approved centre nearest to you.

Grade 10-12 Subject Selection. Seven subjects comprising 4 compulsory and three optional subjects. A learner must select the four compulsory subjects from the list below:

English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language or Zulu, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation. A learner must select a minimum of any three subjects selected from the list of optional subjects as below:

Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Computer Applications Technology,

Consumer Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Engineering Graphics and Design,

Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, IT and Tourism.

Curriculum Consulting Service. Two Hours per annum of curriculum consulting services are included in the standard package. Additional hours can be purchased at a rate of R200 per hour.

Home-Schoolers Manual. Parents/Teachers/Tutors are provided with guidelines on how to go about organising and setting-up of the home-school classroom.

Specialised Courses. For further information about the courses below please follow the link or call 0878086972 or email: learning@syllabis.co.za

*Study Skills Development for Grade 4-12

*Exam Preparation Techniques for Grade 4-12

*Leadership Course


Student Registration FormTo be completed and submitted as per instructions. Student Registration Form


Curriculum Pricing Structure 2021Curriculum pricing and ‘Early Bird’ registration offer. Curriculum Pricing Structure

Payment Options:

Cash Purchase: 2,5% settlement discount allowed on the base price.  


Call to Tighten Home-Schooling Rules – ‘The Star’’ 2 June 2017.


Introduction to SACAI – Syllabis is registered with SACAI as an Institution providing Education. https://www.sacai.org.za/

Registering with the Department – General view https://pestalozzi.org/web2/en/home/about-us/%0d

Introduction to The Pestalozi Trusthttps://pestalozzi.org/web2/en/home/about-us/%0d


Computers ‘do not improve’ pupil results – BBC report http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34174796

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TestimonialsContact details made available by arrangement.

Complimentary Interactive Lessons – For Existing Home-Schoolers, and Home-Schoolers to be, we have provided a selection of complimentary interactive lessons for you to have an insight into our product offering.

WAY FORWARD: Should you be serious about home-schooling your child please complete the Student Registration Form-, call Alby or Cherise on 087 150 9461/0878086972 or reply to this email requesting one of our consultants to contact you. Student Registration Form


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