How does Syllabis Home Education work?

Syllabis Home Education South Africa is a complete school curriculum which is delivered both online and via traditional learning materials. The curriculum is compiled by registered South African teachers.

Syllabis Home Education is NOT a registered school. We sell curriculum solutions to South African parents (Students) seeking to adopt home schooling, either for their children or for themselves.

Here are some of the aspects of the SE Learning World.

What registrations are required?

Parents / Students are advised to register with the department of education for home schooling.

What is included in a general curriculum from Syllabis Home Education

  1. Access to online learning system if this is applicable to the grade.
  2. Textbooks.
  3. The Syllabis Home Education Study Guides
  4. A Study Plan that guides the students learning on a weekly basis.
  5. Tests and Exams (either self-assessment or external assessment)
  6. 2 Hours of Consultative time with a qualified teacher. (Additional time can be purchased)

Web-Based learning system with complete course material:

All the study material is provided via Textbooks or Web. Our Web portal manages every aspect of your Home Education journey.

How Syllabis Works

The study material can be provided for grades R to 12, in English. Afrikaans might be available at a later date.

Assessment (Self / External)

All supplied curriculum meets the standard as set by the South African department of Education.


Each grade consists of textbook / Study guide materials, some online content accessed via our Websites and a detailed study plan which ties all the learning together into a concise and professional distance learning solution.

Contact us on 087 150 9461 to speak to a services representative about the grade 10 – 12 curriculum solutions.