From the moment a child is born they have a raging desire to learn, and we believe that if you just follow their lead, provide them with a rich environment, give them the undivided time and attention of the people who care about them the most, and encourage their efforts, they will not only learn, but exceed all expectations during home schooling and beyond.

We are all a product of our schooling experiences and in teaching our children we sometimes unwittingly make the same mistakes schools make. Schools arrange for kids to fail. Do you remember how the teachers always caught your mistakes and rarely, if ever caught your successes? And what about tests? Tests are given to reveal not how knowledgeable we are, but how ignorant we are. The school system is set up so that no matter what you do, you lose.

Kids are born with a love of learning. And strategies like repeated testing and flaunting failure stifle a child’s desire to learn. If you want a kid to hate something – be sure to point out all the ways in which he doesn’t measure up. Don’t you agree that most of us avoid doing things that we don’t do well. On the other hand, when we do something well, people notice and give us praise. Our reaction to their praise is believing that we are good at it, and with this boost in confidence we are ready to do it over and over again. Success produces high motivation!

The secret to motivating your kid is to always let them know that how great you believe they are and remind them that they have the potential to achieve anything.

At Syllabis Learning we strive to ensure each student has everything they need within their grasp, creating an environment that enables the child to reach their potential. We provide all you need to give your child a safe and secure learning environment. We offer a guided program or roadmap of studies to meet each child’s learning objectives.

“ of our content is written and developed by qualified teachers and curriculum experts. Syllabis Home Education offers a refreshing new choice to the learner of the digital age.”

Our component based learning plans empower students of all ages to successfully complete a home based education in a distance learning like environment. It is like having your own virtual school right in your hands. The curriculum consists of a blended mix between online lessons, textbooks, study plans and practical projects and assignments.

We present study material to the learner in a simple, concise and understandable way and we provide tangible, creative and technological materials to enhance the learning experience. Our educational material is flexible and easy to use.

Our curriculum gives the child the freedom to be flexible.

Self-paced means student-paced and Syllabis students have the ability to work as much as they want every day, which aligns perfectly for a successful homeschooling experience.

We provide everything you and your child need to make is easy to be and stay organized and on top of your learning objectives.

Homeschooling is a most suitable way to raise and educate children. Trust the children. Trust yourselves. Embrace the magic

After all the magic is in the child.