The many benefits of homeschooling mean more kids and teens than ever are learning at home. Families want the advantages of homeschooling, with the flexibility, academic benefits, efficiency, and opportunities homeschooling can offer. They seek an education and even a lifestyle that’s not based on minimum standards and a one-size-fits-all approach.

Homeschooling Benefits Include:

  • Academic flexibility. Homeschooling can work whether a child is ahead, behind, strong-willed, creative, challenging, quiet, gifted, or active.
  • Parent choice of pace and approach. You’re in charge of the schedule, grade level, learning approach, curriculum, and in most places, even graduation requirements.
  • You can prioritize a child’s mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical health.
  • Warm family environment.  Family is the best foundation for social development as well as values and faith development.
  • Community involvement. There’s generous time for service, community activities, volunteering, and entrepreneurship.
  • Efficient learning. A low student-teacher ratio, without wasted time and busy work.
  • Meaningful learning. Avoid teaching to the test, testing mania in general, and arbitrary minimal standards.
  • Time for the stuff many schools cut. You can make time for play, the outdoors, projects, the arts, and real experiments.
  • Getting into college. A great transcript with less stress and burnout.
  • Accommodating to special situations. Homeschooling works well for military families, families who travel, and families contending with illness and challenging work schedules.
  • Legal acceptance. Homeschooling is a way of meeting compulsory attendance laws in every state in the U.S. and in many countries.